Taylors 079D


 HTD0511  Model 079 Diesel  Stainless Steel Front 
 HTD0501  Model 079 Diesel Brass Front
 HTD0511P  Model 079 Diesel Stainless Steel Front
 HTD0501P  Model 079 Diesel Brass Front 
  • Made of robust, high quality construction and versatile performance. 
  • 2.1kw
  • A front opening door gives access for maintenance or adjustment. 
  • Supplied with 1.5 gallon tank, a safety on/off fuel control valve, in-line fuel filter, pipe work and fittings for installation.
  • The heaters is externally vented and bulkhead mounted.  Through-deck fitting flue sections are also supplied. 
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Brass front finish.
  • Header Tank version or Main Fuel Tank version (12/24v DC pump@0.01AMP/HR rating).
    (The pumped version Diesel cabin heater requires an electric supply which only uses 0.25 Ah per day)

This superbly crafted, classic marine heater in brass or stainless steel, looks good and provides a comfortable focus in any vessel's saloon. Fuelled by generally available diesel, either from its own gravity tank or pumped direct from the boat's supply, the brass or stainless 079D ensures that you can still take to the water. This unit is clean burning and provides a dry heat thus reducing condensation.

 Installation kit:

  1. 1.5 Gallon tank
  2. 3 lengths stainless steel flue pipe
  3. Through-deck fitting and cowl
  4. 3 metres of copper fuel pipe
  5. In-line fuel filter
  6. Safety on/off control valve
  7. Pre-heating fuel dispenser

Pre-Heating Fuel Methylated Spirits (Alcohol) 
Fuel Diesel or Paraffin (Kerosene) 
Fuel Consumption 0.3 litres per hour at full heat
Heat Output Reflected at 600mm (2') distance: 2.1kwh (8200 BTU)
Weight Approx 11kgs
Tank Dimensions Length 340mm (13.4") - Height 230mm (9.1") - Width 178mm (7") 

We recommend a minimum flue height of 1.3m 


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