Taylors 028




Model 028 Paraffin Cooker

  • 2 Burner Hob & Grill Facility
  • Large cast iron hot plates
  • Brass fiddle rails
  • Gimbals and pan clamps
  • Long life construction
  • Supplied complete and ready to install with full fixing kit
  • Includes a 1.5 Gallon stainless steel tank.

The 028 features a full hob and grill but its compact size dictates that there is no room for an oven.  However, use the sturdy pan clamps to secure a pressure cooker onto the hotplate  within the confines of the deep, strong fiddle rail and you have most of the benefits in your own hob-top oven. This safe, alternative fuel cooker with its well tried Taylor's design features, is the ideal solution for the owner who chooses not to carry gas on board. 


A 6 1/2"  (164 mm)
B 4 1/4" (106mm)
C 22 1/8" (562mm)
D 18 1/4" (463mm)
E 17 1/2" (443mm)
F 11" (277mm)
G 5 3/4" (143mm)
H 11 1/4" (285mm)
I 10" (250mm)
J 11 1/2" (288mm)


Pre-Heating Fuel Methylated Spirits (alcohol) or gas torch
Fuel Paraffin (kerosene)
Fuel Consumption At full heat: 0.24 litres per burner per hour
Burner Heat Output Variable
Oven Temperature None

Taylors 1 1/2 Gallon Pressure Fuel Tank 

Dimensions:     Length 340mm x Width 178mm x Height 290mm 
                 (13 1/2" x 7" X 11 1/2")
                        When pump Open: Length 340mm x Width 178mm x Height 400mm
1/2" x 7" x 16")


Paraffin Burner CTK 1035P
Burner Spares Kit CTK 1062
Cruising Kit CTK Norm
Extended Cruising Kit CTK Extd 
Pump Washer CTK 3592


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Last modified: August 26, 2004