Ideal K



IDEALK Model Ideal K Paraffin Cooker
  • 2 Fast Top Burners
  • Burners are Regulating and self-pricking.
  • Easy clean and light
  • Supplied with sturdy stainless steel pan clamps (1 pair), stainless steel drop-front fiddle rail, gimbals, full fixing kit and tank, methylated spirits  dispenser and burner maintenance kit.

The smallest in the Taylors range of cookers, this compact and economic (both to buy and power) cooker will take up minimum space in your galley. This safe, alternative fuel cooker with its well tried Taylor's design features, is the ideal solution for the owner who chooses not to carry gas on board. 

    Cooker Supplied with:

  1. 1 1/2 gallon pressure paraffin tank
  2. Straps and fuel line kit 
  3. On/off tap
  4. Filter 
  5. 3m copper fuel line 

    Tank Specifications:

Tank Only:     Length 13 1/2" (340mm) x Width 7" (178mm) x 
                       Height 11
1/2" (290mm)

Height when pump open:  16" (400mm)

Weight (empty):  2.0 kg

A 5 1/2 " (135mm) F 11" (274mm
B 3 1/2" (85mm) G 5 1/2" (137mm)
C 19 3/4" (501mm) H 10 1/4" (256mm)
D 19" (481mm) I 11" (272mm)
E 19" (477mm) J 11" (300mm)


Pre-Heating Fuel Methylated Spirits (alcohol) gas torch.
Fuel Paraffin (kerosene)
Fuel (Consumption) At full heat: 0.2 litres per burner per hour
Burner Heat Output Variable, max. >2kw
Weight  4.6 kg (Cooker including pan clamps, excluding gimbals, tank & accessories).


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Last modified: August 26, 2004